ELD & Compliance

EZ fleet ELD is FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and TC (Transport Canada) certified.

  • HOS Easy to install ELD device keeps track of working hours utilizing a user friendly dashboard for drivers. Our platform supports all HOS cycles approved by US and Canadian authorities.
  • HOS violation alerts. Automated notifications are generated as per the HOS cycle being used , to alert the driver before exceeding their driving limit.
  • IFTA reports. Complex calculations are automatically enumerated using GPS location data to provide trip reports along with distance travelled and fuel purchased by jurisdiction. This eliminates the administrative burden to minimal.
  • Unidentified miles Unidentified miles are logged and notified that in turn can be assigned to appropriate driver to avoid tickets at scale.
  • DVIR Drivers can perform vehicle inspection from their Driver App on daily basis before and after their shift. This helps fleet managers to stay on top of maintenance to reduce downtime.
  • Manage records. Driver’s log records, vehicle inspection records, invoices or receipts are stored and tracked by using easy to manage optimized UI.